About Us

Our Story

Liang Kee Restaurant is a favourite amongst Teochew cuisine lovers. Previously established in Tew Chew Street (near present day Clarke Quay MRT Station), Liang Kee Restaurant has always pride itself in serving rich mouth-watering Teochew cuisine.

Our signature dishes include Liang Kee Double-Shell Cold Crab, Teochew-style Steamed Pomfret, Teochew braised duck, Salted Egg Trio Seafood and Claypot Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw.


In the year 2020, we relocated to our present location at 556 Macpherson Road. Tucked neatly in the hustle and bustle of Tai Seng and Macpherson, we were able to extend our tradition of serving our customers with popular and affordable Teochew dishes. As a small but cozy restaurant, we continue to strive to improve ourselves, in the hope that more people will be able to appreciate the “freshness” and “tastiness” of Teochew cuisine. 


Liang Kee Restaurant is a casual dining concept serving signature classic Teochew cuisine in cosy family-orientated dining ambience. We aspire to deliver the luxuries of Teochew food through affordably priced dishes with high quality ingredients. Be prepared to indulge in heart-warming food that nourishes and comforts your soul. 







What People are Saying

“Super delicious, not oily and salty. Good service as well. A big thumb’s up.”

Charlotte Yi

“Food was tasty though slight let down for those looking for traditional Teochew dishes. “

James Wong

“Friendly local staff with delicious traditional teochew dishes! Reservation is recommended on weekends, else you might need to wait.”

Nigel Sim

“Great authentic teochew dishes.. good value for your money. One of the places where you should take your family to dine in.

Era Liso